Member Monday: Peter Baldwin, MarketForce Strategies

It’s #membermonday! Check out this week’s featured member, Peter Baldwin. Peter has been a Capitol Post Co-Working member since January of 2017. Read more about his journey below.

Peter G Baldwin
Managing Principal & Chief Business Coach
MarketForce Strategies

Military Service: 
USAF (Reserves)

Branch/Specialty: Air Cargo Specialist; Explosives Safety Specialist

So, what do you do and how do you do it?

MarketForce StrategiesSM helps certain businesses grow by (1) first ensuring that they are fully committed to growth, (2) determining what their revenue and non-revenue goals are, and then (3) advising the business leader on the essential components of and collaboratively crafting a business growth plan.

Among a handful of our business improvement services, MarketForce Strategies’SM signature program, Customized Business Growth Plan, involves:

  • Monthly 1 hour, face-to-face interactive coaching sessions centered around a proprietary, 30+ page Master Plan GrowthSM workbook
  • Monthly workbook homework assignments, which are reviewed and refined during each coaching session
  • Unlimited business leader access to the Business Coach throughout the program
  • MarketForce Strategies’SMserving as each client’s “marketing arm” by proactively seeking business opportunities for the client

Additional standard business improvement offerings include Business Growth Gap AuditSM, Business Growth Plan JumpstartSM, Simplified Elevator SpeechesSM, Business Plan CreationSM Executive Leadership CouncilSM, and SoloSuccess Master Plan GrowthSM (for small groups of solopreneurs).

What has been the most challenging part about transitioning from military service?

Trying to remember when that happened, so long ago! My challenge was 3-part: just graduated from college, got married, and began boot camp, all within a 6-week period.  So the transition involved being thrust into a professional (and married) life after being having been dependent on others until then.

So, tell us how you ended up where you are in your company.

Having an engineering degree and desperate for a job, I took one with an insurance company as a “safety engineer,” which evolved into 30+ years in both business development, small business consulting, and leading small businesses.  When another coaching firm needed help in the early 2000s, it was a natural fit.  During that 7 year stint, I created my own coaching programs for the coaching firm, eventually making my own mark with MarketForce Strategies’SM  in January 2011.

Now looking back on your military service, why did you originally decide to join?

More conscription than choice at that time, when draft numbers and the Viet Nam were very demanding.

 Describe at least 3 things that you learned during your service and how they benefit you today.

  1. As an enlistee, leadership through observation of officers and non-coms – how NOT to lead as well how to lead. Which simplified my understanding of how best to lead businesses, both those I led and those business leaders I advise.
  1. The importance of teamwork with a common goal. Regardless of differing personalities, working as a team replaces the glory of “I” with the success of “we.”
  1. How to put a deep shine on a pair of shoes, make a coin-jumping bed cover, and clean a bathroom with a toothbrush! The discipline of which, surprisingly, makes domestic life much less stressful!

Who has influenced you the most in your career?

My then-boss (President to my VP) at a small insurance services firm several years ago, who always described business obstacles as “challenges” instead of “problems,” which turns a negative into a positive and which I try to emulate to this day.

What are your goals for 5-10 years from now?

To establish a residual income source that frees me for other pursuits, by either selling MarketForce Strategies’SM or licensing its programs to other coaching practices.


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