Meet Our Startup School Summer Cohort

Making their way to the ring! Get to know the members of Capitol Post’s 10-week Startup School below.
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Meet Jeff Heinz

Company: Anomaly Six
Service: US Army

What We Do: A6 provides customized analytical services using a proprietary dataset.
Fun Fact: If it doesn’t have three pedals then I don’t drive it.


Meet Brendan Huff

Company: Datalus 5

Service: US Army
What We Do: Datalus 5 provides aggregation and enrichment of locational data to provide an understanding of your world
Fun Fact: Spending time with my German Shepherd and Lab is the best way to spend a weekend!

Meet Michael Chang

Company: Sift Guru Inc.
Service: U.S. Army
What We Do: Sift Guru is a platform that helps people make better decisions with personalized data analysis
Fun Fact: I love to cook, especially smoking ribs!


Meet Nassir Sheikh

Company Name: Fresh Food Ideas LLC
Service: US Marine Corps
What We Do: We provide healthy snacks to people on the go.
Fun Fact: I got married last week!



Meet Keri Maloney

Company: Well Veteran
Service: US Army
What We Do: 
I am a veteran empowering veterans to transform and thrive after military service. So they can live with purpose and fulfillment.
Fun Fact: 
I am a certified yoga instructor.


Meet Ryan Haerer

Company Name: Sun Fish Farm
Service: US Army
What We Do: Rebuilding food security in a changing climate through innovations for sustainable agricultural and seafood.
Fun Fact: In basic training, I earned the name Grilled Cheese from my drill sergeant for my record-setting performances in the chow hall.

Meet Rod Rodriguez

Company: Clear Commo
Service: US Army
What We Do: 
We provide podcast production for small businesses. 
Fun Fact: 
I’ve competed in the World Championships in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu!


Meet Elizabeth Watson

Company: ReMindful Technologies LLC
What We Do: We provide people with Alzheimer’s Disease more independence through technology.
Fun Fact: I used to have a baking business called “The Bakerina” which combined my love of baking with the creativity and artistry developed from years of ballet.


Want to get more involved? Sponsor a veteran-owned company through Startup School and beyond. Click here to request more information about getting involved and making a difference.

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