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Read on to learn more about Elizabeth Watson, Founder of ReMindful

Capitol Post awarded Anomaly Six the grand prize of $3,500 in Capitol Post’s Pitch Competition, Startup Standup on Mon, Sep 10th. Startup Standup is the culmination of Capitol Post’s fifth cohort of Startup School class; a nine-week program where veterans and spouses can test their ideas, accelerate and build their businesses with expert thought leaders, mentors, and professionals.

However, in a surprise turn of events, Anomaly Six handed their prize over to Watson in support of her outstanding pitch.

Q: How has Startup School helped you?

Elizabeth: I came into Startup School with an interesting challenge in that I knew who my customers were and the general problem I was trying to solve but hadn’t quite nailed down my solution. The process of going through the Lean Canvas and doing tons of problem interviews with customers was instrumental in figuring out what my product was going to look like.

[Seda Goff, Managing Director of the Founders Program] always says in Startup School that you need to “have a love affair with your customers,” and I am deeply passionate about helping caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease.

Hearing their stories was both inspirational and heartbreaking but only further motivated me to build something to help these folks.

Q: What have been some of the specific outcomes of being a member of Capitol Post’s Startup School?

Elizabeth: The connections made throughout this process have been invaluable. I haven’t met a single mentor or pitch judge or fellow entrepreneur that wasn’t willing to donate their time, lessons learned, articles found, feedback, connections, or in Anomaly Six’s case, prize money, to help me be successful.

Huge shout-out to: the guys at Boodle for their support, feedback, and introductions, to my pal at blink.cloud for letting me ask the dumb questions, to the fellow members of the cohort for their support and being the best teammates ever, and of course to Capitol Post for their tough love and the incredible opportunity.

Q: So, what’s next?

Elizabeth: I just sat down this week with an amazing consultant from the Alexandria Small Business Development Center, Ray Sidney-Smith of W3 Consulting, who gave me some great recommendations for further developing my minimum viable product (MVP). Next, I will be reaching out to some of the developers that Ray suggested for quotes and once received, I plan on applying for grant funding to complete the buildout of the MVP! I’m excited and can’t wait to share more of my progress.

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