Meet Our Startup School Fall Cohort

Making their way to the ring! Get to know the members of Capitol Post’s 9-week Startup School below.
Interested in hearing them pitch? Come to Startup Standup on December 17th! RSVP here.

Meet Tamika Edwards

Company: JuzBee
Service: U.S. Air Force

What We Do: Connecting gay people to finding events, spaces, and places. Creating a space for them to feel apart of a community.
Fun Fact: I can break dance.

Meet Rich Nagel

Company: Painters4aPurpose
Service: U.S. Army
What We Do: We are a commercial painting company that provides employment opportunities to ex-felons for a better life.
Fun Fact: I have a sweet tooth.

Meet Juan Biddix Jr.

Service: U.S. Army, Retired Army Master Sergeant, 25 years of service
What We Do: I am a personal trainer who helps individuals improve their overall health and fitness through exercise.
Fun Fact: I’m a husband, father of 3 and a grandfather of 2!


Meet Jon Walman

Company Name: JPOP
Service: U.S. Navy
What We Do: I help young people grow their faith by learning about the Bible and sharing the gospel (“Good News”) that Jesus died for their sins and offers grace and salvation to all who believe in Him (John 3:16)
Fun Fact: I love people, traveling, and taking on new and exciting challenges!


Meet Erica Mohr

Company: Be Mohr
Service: U.S. Navy
What We Do: 
I support those transitioning to new roles to be more energized, be more engaged, and be more effective.
Fun Fact: 
I have a collection (and coffee table book) of human pyramid photos from around the world, to include all 7 continents.

Meet Brendan McElroy

Company Name: Franklin Consulting LLC
Service: U.S. Marine Corps
What We Do: I help programs reduce operational risk through organizational design, human capital, and strategy, leading to increased performance and organizational resilience.
Fun Fact: I spend my free time chasing my toddler around and perpetually picking up toys.

Meet Kim DeFiori

Company: Badges United Foundation
Service: U.S. Army, 9 years as a Military Police Officer 
What We Do: 
We help First Responders enhance personal and professional wellness to increase overall life satisfaction 
Fun Fact: 
My service dog Thor has a blog at


Want to get more involved? Sponsor a veteran-owned company through Startup School and beyond. Click here to request more information about getting involved and making a difference.

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