Member Monday: Scott Tucker, US VetLife

It’s #membermonday! Check out this week’s featured member, Scott Tucker of US VetLife.  Read more about his journey below.

Scott R. Tucker
Founder & CEO
US VetLife

Military Service: US Army

Branch/Specialty:  Air Defense Officer

So, what do you do and how do you do it?

I seek to create order out of the chaos that I see in life by addressing all the aspects of society that I have problems with. I want to solve these problems and do it easier. That makes me an entrepreneur.

What has been the most challenging part about transitioning from military service?

The challenge was breaking through the assumptions of what I’ve been told about how a post-military life and career was supposed to be. Having entered a professional industry and career field that I was told was meant to do good things but came to find that nothing was what it was as expected. It broke my heart to not only lose integrity with my own professional career but to see so many of my friends struggling with their own. Yet, because they had been married with kids, they couldn’t make any changes. This is why I do what I do to help others either get out of it or avoid it.

Tell us how you ended up where you are in your company.

Well, it’s my idea so I guess I started the whole mess. But really, the fact that we have a team of over 20 people now, and while none of them are technically employees, we’re very much in this together as a team. It feels like, 15 years later, after leaving Iraq, it’s the first chance even with my other positions in the military, I never really was a true leader. It’s my first chance to actually be a leader again and be a leader in a way that they actually taught us at West Point, not just being a manager of standard operating procedures.

In the last 5 years, what is the greatest change you have made in your life that has made you a better person?

To be quite frank, the proper introduction of mind-altering substances to be able to get inside my head as a way of meditation and connection with spiritualism to find some true purpose on this earth. I found I was one of the few that had an opportunity to answer that question of “No Man’s Search for Meaning.” And as Dr. Jordan B. Peterson always says, “a human needs to have a purpose for their existence on this earth.”

What is the book you’ve given most as a gift? Or, what are the one or two books that have greatly influenced your life?

The most influential book that I’ve read and continue to apply based on its simplicity is The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. It’s very challenging to apply, yet permeates in all aspects of life.

The other book is Rework by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried. This book taught me to fully believe that when everybody else is going one way, true success lies in the opposite direction. And while that creates the chaos that most struggle with coming out of the military and joining a startup or a company like this, it also helps you qualify true believers and levels of trust that wouldn’t exist in any standard organization with a corporate structure.

Honestly, why did you join the Capitol Post family? And what has been the biggest impact so far?

I was coming from the west coast and I was missing that support. I was super excited at a bunker labs event to meet Elizabeth and Emily and learn about how Capitol Post can help us grow as a company. While we’re not based in DC, not having to navigate the DC landscape for meeting space and learn how to tap into the military and veteran business community in such a crazy place like Washington, D.C. To have Capitol Post on day one available to us as an anchor point has been a tremendous avenue for stability and growth.

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