Q&A With Startup Standup Karaoke Winner, David Muir, Easter Seals

Read on to learn more about David Muir, SVP, Veteran Staffing Network at Easterseals.

At Capitol Post’s recent Pitch Competition, Startup Standup, on Monday, December 17, 2018, the evening was interlaced with business pitches from our Startup School cohort as well as surprise breakout karaoke performances by local Veteran Service Organizations. David Muir stole the show and the audience’s hearts with his cover of Michael Bolton’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” and took home a Muster DC sponsorship for Easter Seals. 

Q: Tell us about your military background and how it has influenced your career.

David: I enlisted on my seventeenth birthday and served as an M-60 Machine Gunner in the 29th Light Infantry Division in the Virginia National Guard from 1989-1995. The experience molded me as a young man and helped me understand how to push through tough times. My experience being in the military gave me perspective and the ability to speak with veterans, from any era, with a camaraderie civilians rarely are able to achieve. The ability to connect with veterans through this common bond allowed me to be involved in launching the Veteran Staffing Network.

Q: How did you get connected with Capitol Post?

David: Being plugged into the veteran employment community, the creating of the Capitol Post occurred around the same time as the Veteran Staffing Network. We have regularly participated at events with the Capital Post over the years and even found our Director of Operations through a Capitol Post event a few years ago!

Q: What song did you choose to sing and why?

David: When a Man Loves a Woman by Michael Bolton, because I sing it very well (smiling). 

Q: If you were to start a company, what would it do and what it would be called?

My company would be focused on helping people find meaningful careers and would be called Memories Unlimited.

Q: What are Easterseals goals in 2019?

To continue the growth of the Veteran Staffing Network and place more people in more jobs in more states. We are also focused on growing the Easterseals Disability Employment Network and taking over the Head Start educational program for Prince George’s county.

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